Social & Labour Plan

"Social & Labour Plan – June 2019 Youth Day Soccer Competition"

Since the commissioning of Yoctolux Collieries, the Tala Group has, over the years, participated in contributing towards various social and sporting events hosted by the communities of Doornkop and Mhluzi.  Noticeably, the Tala Group has sponsored the Jun 16 Youth Day event, as in this case, with full soccer kits....Read more >>

"Social & Labour Plan – Local Economic Development Programme"

Yoctolux Collieries, together with the Mhluzi Unemployment Structure of the Mhluzi Community, initiated a Kitchen Development Project at L.D Moetanalo High School in the Mhluzi Location. The Project is aimed at assisting this disadvantaged school, in the provision of food, and refreshments, to Learners in need of the aid....Read more >>

"Social & Labour Plan – The Ligbron Online Learning System"

Yoctolux Collieries is, together with the Mpumalanga Department of Education, currently installing the Ligbron Online Learning system (LES), at Tsiki Naledi Secondary. This is a local disadvantaged school that was elected by the Department of Education...Read more >>

"Social & Labour Plan – The Whole School Development Project"

Yoctolux Collieries, has, through Innovation and expert collaboration, developed a Programme that has as its core focus, the transformation of under-resourced, and vulnerable schools, into Centres of Excellence to be achieved through hands-on Training and Support of School Management Teams, Student Governing Bodies, and Educators, in the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality....Read more >>

"Social & Labour Plan – Local Enterprise Development"

Yoctolux Collieries, in association with the Mining Qualification Authority, is proud to claim the success of its 2016 Internship Programme as a flagship of its many Community Programmes. With an intake of 10 Interns in the academic disciplines of Mining Engineering...Read more >>

"Social & Labour Plan – Local Enterprise Development"

Yoctolux Collieries (Pty) Limited, in the interest of its local supplier and local enterprise development, has provided funding to local micro enterprises who operate within the town of Middelburg as a means of growth and development in the area... Read more >>

"Social Impact – Social & Labour Plan"

The mounting of a Billboard by way of Acknowledgement by the Doornkop Community Centre of Yoctolux Pty Ltd’s contribution as benefactor to their Solar Photovoltaic System.

This Billboard was recently mounted inside the Doornkop Community Hall... Read more >>

“Taking A Stand Against Violence Towards Women And Children"

The Mhluzi Community Organisation has been acknowledged by the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality as one of the labour sending areas of Yoctolux Collieries. As part of our contribution towards social upliftment, Yoctolux assisted the Mhluzi Community Organisation with funding for a football tournament dedicated towards... Read more >>
“Doornkop Communal Property Association: 18 Kilo Watt Photovoltaic Solar System"

As part of the Local Economic Development (“LED”) mandate of the Social and Labour Plan (“SLP”), Yoctolux Collieries was instrumental in providing the funding towards the successful installation of an 18 Kilo Watt photovoltaic solar system which includes a solar water heater, lights and ceiling at the Doornkop Community Center... Read more >>
“67 Minutes for Mandela Day"

The Doornkop Communal Property Association, have been endorsed as both stakeholders and beneficiaries by the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality of the Mpumalanga Province. On the occasion of the “67 Minutes for Mandela Day”, a financial enabler was found to renovate a Centre for the Aged, and an Early Childhood Centre... Read more >>


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