Tala Resource Development

Tala Resource Development is a "Tala Group Company", with an in-depth understanding of the South African dynamic involved in originating Mineral Projects through the opportunities provided for by the "Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act" of 2002 ("MPRDA").

A comprehensive in-house capacity allows Tala Resource Development to identify Projects, construct Regulatory Compliant Applications for Prospecting and Mineral Rights, and undertake specialist execution of all stages for vesting Security of Tenure in such Rights.

The Tala Group has a long track record of leveraging its specialist in-house expertise to undertake the entire range of activities to develop mineral resource projects from the initial prospecting phase up to bankable feasibility phase, and ultimately the transition into the operational phase.

Tala Resource Development completed the enterprise life cycle of the Yoctolux Collieries, an opencast coal operation that was developed from the initial stage of application for a prospecting right up to operational status. This operation reached its end of life-of-mine ("LOM") in May 2018 and the site is continuing as a Coal Washing and Blending facility, thereby, providing a sound platform for the Group to undertake Coal Marketing and Coal Trading initiatives.

The focus in the medium term is to progress prospecting programmes over our existing development pipeline and to further expand the pipeline of coal prospecting rights of the Tala Group with a view to prepare a portfolio of fully developed projects, ready for enterprise development, within the medium term.


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